Friday, 20 May 2011

Janis Joplin - eternal star

If you like this, can I please recommend Saint Jude.
I have a thing for soulful vocals over big tunes.

You just don't get raw talent exuding from modern music TV in the UK. The closest is Jools Holland's Later show on BBC, but something just a little younger, about real music, would be perfect.

I tweeted The Sea, who are doing well in Europe and USA with their authentic massive rocking pop sound that straddles both centuries. They have recommended a Danish band, Thee Attack. I recommended Popskull and Hedoniacs back to them. The rise of timeless sounds with muscle in their riffs, can only be a good thing.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

I woke up this morning and needed to hear guitars sing...

went and found me some Buddy Guy making love instrumentally...
it also makes me smile, thinking of one of my favourite films ever, The Blues Brothers.

OK. I'm set up for the day now. Yesterday had a fantastic conversation about how a lot of youngsters are turning away from sure-to-get-noticed neat hair cut, afro beat dub step indie grindie in Skins cast wear, to the 20th century rootsy rock n roll sounds. Its something really different from what is everywhere else now, I guess. So come on, baby don't you wanna go...

Monday, 18 April 2011

Sister Rosetta Tharpe makes me feel like summer time.

The kind of rock n roll that apologetic "indie" could never be, but the spirit that lives on as independence. Go guitar queen, go.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

USA. We're not in Shropshire any more!

I am so lucky to have family and extended family all over the world. I have enjoyed travelling and visiting over the last month. I am heartened to find that every day music fans USA also pine for more rock n roll, delighted to find Red Gorilla Fest at SXSW and amused that people who cant make it to the midlands (or possibly other parts of London) to see new bands, have come to Texas to catch people who have played a whole five or six miles away from them before. It was all very exciting and rather than rattle off a list of names as you are obviously supposed to do, I just liked the whole experience especially some of those Red Gorilla moments - seemed to be on the wavelength of starter fanzine writer like myself.


Thursday, 24 February 2011

The UK Music Charts need a S.P.A.M. filter. Fast.

I started banging on in the end of January blog, but its not just me with a hankering for something more real. Of course there is less rock in the chart. The Radio 1 etc playlist is as unimaginative and dumbed down as all the other weapons of mass distraction as the world goes through a frightening era on the news. Recently I spent an afternoon with family members. We are all music fans with different tastes but I came to realise that we need S P A M filters on our charts.

Soul Free? Passionless Auto-tuned? Manufactured?

Perhaps the X Factory charts could contain karaoke and conveyor belt pop that gives parody videos on YouTube the number of views that some new major label artists even can only dream of.
34,000 views and counting for the above.

A teenager with a profound knowledge of Katy Perry (whose "I Kissed A Girl" is actually a fantastic pop classic), Justin Bieber, Lily Allen, Sisqo,Rihanna etc and her grandmother were watching 4Music TV UK chart show run down. Much of it had taken the sick danger of hip hop, fused with the slick marketability of pop to create a safe, bank clerk's car soundtrack, of what I suppose is hip pop. The beats were great, don't get me wrong, but the sampling and "featuring" of the majority grew tired for me. Great original music is still possible.

Even Oldplay, Unkeane, Snore Patrol and the rest of the Snoozepop bands have actually got SONGS. This was brought home by the teenager remarking on how good the adverts tunes were. This, dear heart, is because they were a nifty  lyrical prose fest married to hooks you could fish whales with. So even after a pensioner's lifetime they still sound immediate and fresh with a singalong factor.

Grandma noted that one video seem to be quite long. "This is a different song now", explained Teenager. Myself, Young-ISH adult, kept quiet. I'd not noticed either, that the bland tune had been followed by a weak one.

Grandma remembered Top Of The Pops starting with the break from Whole Lotta Love by Led Zepellin. Teenager was wowed by the classic rock and pop on the BBC 4 documentaries.

A 21st Century Take on this from new and wonderful rock band Hedoniacs;

Possibly scare the pants off most day time radio play lists, but why? Riffs don't kill people, weapons do.

It is still possible for real people, using nothing more than their song writing skills, vocal abilities, musicianship and charisma to make a crowd fall in love with them. LIVESTARS.

Beyonce, Duran Duran, Adele, Cee Lo Green, Amy Winehouse, Dizzee Rascal, Lady Gaga et al are great pop stars, but without the dynamics of The Pixies, Nirvana or Mona, there wouldn't be enough light and shade. A high percentage of the great 20th century classics are too dangerous for day time play. Radio 1 has burned the bridges that connected it to Radio Caroline excitement. The main thing about Tamla Motown wasn't just how fantastic everybody looked (still cool) but the sounds that are now woven into the fabric of our Western lives.

Crazy - being a song case in point.

I feel that "Pass Out" by Tinie Tempah will last like this, but he was on that very chart show that Grandma and Teenager were watching and I cant remember the song (tho Ellie Goulding was in the video for some reason).

Dubstep, pubstep, whatever. I don't want a new music only station, I like to hum along often. There are 37 artists so far on the Star Soaked Music 2011 Tips List - just three more and I'll have my own Top 40. Not only that, but, sweet vindication!, its February and they actually are all moving and shaking.

The #nmeawards didnt trend last night I noticed. It was a bit too London for me, and thats the capital of Rock N Roll as far as I'm concerned. Besides with Libya, New Zealand and a crumbling UK (its actually the Disunited Queendom, surely?) its not exactly the Brits/Grammys and would have probably fared better coming before them. Or even celebrating its own scene before its proved itself.

I assure myself that if I mixed those onto a playlist culled from a hand picked selection of Brit Award winners, national BBC Radio stations / Xfm playlist stars and some of the Great Escape, City Showcase, God Is In The TV and Artrocker tips that StarSoaked Radio would be listenable for many Grandmas and Teenagers alike.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Mick Jagger pays homage to Solomon Burke at The Grammys 2011

Sir Mick. Grammys 2011. (Incidentally upstaging Lady Gaga, who arrived in an egg carried high above heads, with this performance).

The Grammys is about all kinds of music and they are both around now, and really happening. That's certainly something good for 21st Century music.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

There's Something About Watching A Band Play Together

A personal favourite
Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton and out there beats from Ginger Baker
playing together.


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Richey Edwards forever on the juke box.

more meaning though,

On February 1, 1949, RCA Records issued the first ever 45rpm single, the invention of this size record made jukeboxes possible. Thanks to Dean Street Studios for the twitter fact. Also, this is the day that Richey Edwards of Manic Street Preachers went missing from the Embassy Hotel in London. I may have to find them on a jukebox today.

This is the controversial documentary with Simon Price, Steve, Steve Lamacq and (for some reason) Boy George, Shaun Ryder and a sci fi narriative. "The Vanishing Of Richey Manic". Now there's a book, Richard, by Ben Myers. A modern music mystery.
Having seen Shaun Ryder 'singing' on the National Television Awards with Stacey Solomon last week, after being in Celebrity Jungle thingy, there is some irony watching this now.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Give Me Gin And Tonic because I'm feelin'...

This is just the way to start the weekend.
But I miss Radio sounding this vital.
I miss music TV shows having this much energy and attitude.
I miss the Gallaghers having this much hunger.

Luckily then that there's a load of new excitements round the corner.
Have to agree with the NME band interview about more guitar stuff in the charts again.
The journalism may have been nauseatingly fawning but the first paragraph of the Brother (obviously they miss  Oasis too) interview was, at least, funny.

Hopefully the Tips For 2011, Best Of 2010 etc thing stops as soon as the last tax return is filed on line.

It just all goes on for too long. Nobody wants to break away.

What you people need is a band like Hedoniacs on kids TV and the future will be very bright.

This weekend, walking in hills with good music on earphones beckons. i.e. Rock and Rocks.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

2011 - Hunt for your rock n roll thrills.

Tipping is good. Experiencing is better.

Its good to see a variety of 2011 tips. Without following a thousand links, certain names pop up regularly.

One of the bands that will flavour this year can't be tipped as "new" but must be recommended.  British Sea Power are like the waves that lap the shores and erode the cliffs. Living up to their name almost, they've chipped away until they are actually 2011's first definite Band Of The Year, courtesy of their latest album, Valhalla Dancehall being released this month. 

Touring with Manic Street Preachers wouldn't have hindered their stealthy rise from unde restimation to possible over compensation in some quarters. It's genuine achievement iced with timely, well earned, recognition. From the album, this is Living Is So Easy

Social networking reveals that outside of their most ardent following, BSP are one of the best known bands whose songs people don't know. That will be a thing of the past, but ties nicely into the media arguing with themselves as this year gets under way. Is (fill in as applicable) dead? I think Goth is this week's genre...

National press opinion is that certain types of music are dying out. In all honestly, the 'Whole Lotta Love' guitar break by Led Zepellin that was the theme music for 70s Top Of The Pops is too hard for the tepid almost-urban pop and apologetic old-play "indie" that make attempts at listening to national Radio 1 such tedious work. Dear young whippersnappers, turn UP the volume.

Some of the biggest true stars right now, make music fans beside themselves with awe. Most people (especially in the UK where they grow em real good) have never heard of these entertainers. 

This blog started in November with an article Rock N Roll Revolution Is Not Being Televised

Oh the (perfectly, well spotted) joy of Classic Rock tipping one of the bands that inspired the article; Saint Jude.  A "must see live band" as one to watch. And then some. 

Saint Jude are utterly sensational. No autotuner, Shoreditch clone kit or celebrity parents required for their musicianship or the spine tingling presence of front woman, Lynne Jackaman

The Unwanted, or whatever they're called, should (best Mr T voice;) Get Some Nuts. Perhaps Marner Brown could loan them a fraction of their stage presence. The only way to test if rock n roll is dead is to let it have exposure again. Perhaps Radio 1 could play list the next MB single. They certainly looked at home next to Pixie Lott on the front page of YouTube music lately. They're in Star Soaked Music's Ones To Watch 2011 list

This blog may be less than two months old, but the kind feedback from some bands and managers, so far throws SSM in a proverbial tizzy. Feels like we're on a right track. The new rock n roll really is;

Much as we love Lady Gaga and Tinie Tempah, for being a more edgy kind of pop star, day time national radio is so safe that most of the 20th century's most adventurous, imagination capturing big hits, would be consigned to "specialist" play. Nowadays, that is where the gems are to be found first. It's how Xfm made their name in the early days. They were playing Radiohead when Radio 1 wouldn't. Not that the experimental beat combo would suit either station's programming these days, or need to.

As street talk and it's music has it's own avenues, it wouldn't hurt for the more musically adventurous and harder edged guitar and electro sounds to be heard too. Its the 21st century, after all, and the idea "nice old dears" are so last millenium. Those amazing young adults of the 60s are an inspiration still. 

The Last Time by The Rolling Stones would be a noticeable, stand out song on the radio even if released these days. But you'd probably need to listen late at night to hear it. 

There will defiinitely be more of this artist on the airwaves and at hot ticket festivals from now on;
You can hear a classic quality in the sound of James Blake, recommended everywhere and in The Brits best new artists list which is a great introduction to the general public and a guarantee of a bright future. He was tipped in The Guardian last April and hasn't disappointed. Watch the above video for a mere 30 seconds. The hype is justified.

While Channel 4 markets it's young/Skins/T4 side, it's not known for actually "breaking" bands. C4 producers seem to keep an eye on mainstream media tips and the well connected. 

At SSM we rely on friends, especially in the cities, where there are movements in music that share a concensus, as if by ESP or something. 

Star Soaked Music loves the barriers/trousers down rock'n'roll of The Dandies, the crazy as a bag of rabbits art pop scene, the new beat poets, the whip-me sounds of the danciest electro like Midlands outfit, Isolated Atoms, and the bish bosh bash flash of Bashy, the cross over of grime, the teen scene fashion statements of dub step and the multi-tasking of visual creatives connected to music in all kinds of ways.

Its all so exciting that it makes watching Ch4 presenters (except Max n O.B.) and presentations a bit patronising to kids round our way, and like something your bank manager would recommend, to us grown ups.

Hang on. There's lots of cash behind the people on telly, so the money people already approve. The 16 year olds with Muddy Waters AND The Libertines in their collection, even 10 year old Willow Smith, have a real edge. A natural suss that can be found in artists in their 70s, or just outta school. 

This is a minute of a song SSM reviewed last month soundtracking the riot for them at their last London show. What the hell? A junior echo of The Strokes or something?  Perhaps its just that rocking out is actually the underground thrill right now. Either way, the kids are obviously HAVING Warehouse Republic as one of their own 2011 tips.

The young/the old, they know where its at. There was some twitter feedback about her mum having better taste, when Fearne Cotton's mother chose some tracks recently on the radio. 

There are kids that LOVE BBC 4 documentaries alongside Hollyoaks, and wish there was a music programme more like The Old Grey Whistle Test, The Word, Snub, The Tube etc. A special mention for Tony Wilson who took his love of music onwards to Factory Records and The Hacienda. Joan as Policewoman, on the God Is In The TV show Gin In Teacups, sings wonderfully. The session is quality with an obsession for music. It shows and comes complete with a not-your-usual interview. No wonder they've racked up over 50,000 views in two months

20th Century's Punky Reggae partying, Radio Caroline, Ready Steady Go, raves and hip hop have flavoured our current melting pot. Modern national, mainstream TV and radio don't need to embrace the untipped. Much of their material comes signed, published, TV advertised and or with management/a booking agent that will ensure high profile gigs. These are self fulfilling by nature. What adds colour to the now predictable predictions are acts that seem to come from nowhere. 

Thanks to affordable social networking, word of mouth about recommended music can be written too. Video clips help decide where to spend scarce cash. BBC Introducing shows around the country are a great way to be heard. Additionally, pro active buzz artists have been getting excited about being featured on some of the up and coming new music stations that necessity has created. 

If you tweet, search Twitter for @amazingradio or 
@rechargedradio  or @propagandaradio on the cool as polar bear paws - they are all links to where some wicked talents have been showcased already, this year alone. The inclusiveness reflects what's happening at the best new music nights. 

Those clubs are where the action is AT. That should be the next article, perhaps a few tweets worth for a general concensus from whoever answers. What Are The Best New Music Clubs?

Cock n Bull kid started on the hot-ticket circuit and is now frankly ready for day time radio and TV to embrace a big popular music tune such as One Eye Closed, for instance.

Is rock dead? Are Brother really any good? All three answers ("yes", "no", "whatever") are equally correct, depending on your point of view. 

The recently born music publication that believes in rock n roll, Louder Than War, articulated this with the kind of investigated insight that seperates personal fan blogging (erm, like SSM) from thought provoking journalism. That's why they're in our Ones To Watch too.

It doesn't matter as much as living for the moment. A google search for best new live music clubs throws up no particular events, the nature of grass roots is fluid, but perhaps the events that the above artists play at and the accopanying documentation of early attention are a good place to start.

Can Star Soaked Music predict this year's big things? Of course not. Experience favourite next excitements? Yes indeed. Do it. Make and feel the difference. 

Which of the current artists and songs will stand out in 50 years? Only time will tell. Tips for 2011? Only December will tell. Nuff nuff chopsing for now.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Gay Bar- Electric Six- Official Music Video

I think that the tone needs to be set for 2011. Daytime national radio won't do it, so it's up to us music fans. Say it with guitars.