Friday, 28 January 2011

Give Me Gin And Tonic because I'm feelin'...

This is just the way to start the weekend.
But I miss Radio sounding this vital.
I miss music TV shows having this much energy and attitude.
I miss the Gallaghers having this much hunger.

Luckily then that there's a load of new excitements round the corner.
Have to agree with the NME band interview about more guitar stuff in the charts again.
The journalism may have been nauseatingly fawning but the first paragraph of the Brother (obviously they miss  Oasis too) interview was, at least, funny.

Hopefully the Tips For 2011, Best Of 2010 etc thing stops as soon as the last tax return is filed on line.

It just all goes on for too long. Nobody wants to break away.

What you people need is a band like Hedoniacs on kids TV and the future will be very bright.

This weekend, walking in hills with good music on earphones beckons. i.e. Rock and Rocks.

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